Click track for song with multiple tempos

Hello everyone
I need helps for setting/making click track for a song with multiple tempos in Audacity.
I make clicks for playing and practicing drum.
I’ve made one manually, by combining the click tracks, but it was time consuming.
Is it possible to set rhythm track for multiple tempos in Audacity? Just like i think tempo mapping for recording MIDI.

Thank you

You could probably use a “Time track” (see:
Or you could create one long click track, and then use “Change Speed” or “Change Tempo” or “Sliding Stretch” to change the tempo as required (see:

If I wanted gradually changing tempo I’d use “Sliding Stretch”, otherwise I would:

  1. Generate the required number of bars at first tempo.
  2. Fast forward (“>>” button or “K” key)
  3. Generate the required number of bars at second tempo.
    and so on…
    (If it repeats a pattern, then copy and paste could be quicker)