Click sound in place of cut


I want to cut and paste a piece of audio into another track but there is a a click sound where the pasted portion meets the original.

I imported both tracks into Audacity, selected them both and clicked Normalize > Remove DC Offset.
Then i selected the region of audio to paste into another track and clicked Edit > Find Zero Crossings.
Then i used shortcut CTRL+X to cut selected region and pasted into new window.
I removed unnecessary track, selected correct track and chose Edit > Find Zero Crossings.

I used CTRL+X, pasted into the first track and clicked vertical line to join both tracks.

I would be grateful if you could check out attached Audacity project and write me what i’m doing wrong.

Not sure but maybe you would avoid the click by cutting where the wave crosses zero. Press “z” repeatedly to move selection edges to a zero crossing.

Thank you for answer. So i have to press “z” repeatedly after i select the region and then paste it into the first track?

Usually cutting/splicing at the zero-crossings will take care of that, but often the left & right channel zero crossings don’t exactly match, or maybe there is some other issue -

A [u]crossfade[/u] (fade-out, fade-in, and overlap) will almost always make a smooth splice/transition and it can be just a few milliseconds long if you don’t want to hear the actual crossfade.

I placed each segment on a different track and faded out the end of first clip and faded in the beginning of the second clip and slide each into position (yellow vertican line) but i still had the click sound.