Click Removal in macro

Version: Audacity 2.3.2

I created a macro to remove the pops and clicks from my files, while normalizing I found that some of them weren’t being normalized and noticed that those files had spikes in the waveform. The macro was working well for a while then stopped when it reached a file that is said didn’t need fixed, I clicked Okay and the macro closed.

Seems odd that a macro would stop, if you’re running it against a group of files it’s always possible that one (or more) won’t need fixed. I would assume that the macro would either just pass the file onto the next step in the macro with no changes so the process could continue. At worst it would throw the message, as it did, but then continue when Okay is clicked, rather than terminating.

Is there a setting I can change, or some way around this? With near 4,000 files to process it could take forever if I have to find the file after the one that didn’t need fixed, then restart the macro after that file, which itself may not need fixed.

You might be running into the problem where Macros can’t make a decision.

If you’re using Normalize, you might try Amplify instead. They’re sister tools. If you just run Amplify with no settings, it will boost volume until it can’t any more because there’s no room.

If you’re trying to tame a bunch of wild, completely out of control sound files, this may be a lot more work than just ganging two or three filters together.

You might investigate the audiobook mastering tools. They set loudness and don’t pay any attention to the peaks or spikes. Then they come through and clean up the peak errors later.

This is the manual tool set.

There’s even a Macro for it.

Equalization:CurveName=“Low rolloff for speech” FilterLength=“5007” InterpolateLin=“0” InterpolationMethod=“B-spline”
RmsNormalize:mode=“Independently” target=“-20”
Limiter:gain-L=“0” gain-R=“0” hold=“10” makeup=“No” thresh=“-3.5” type=“SoftLimit”

The only reason this didn’t take over the whole world immediately, is RMS Normalize. It’s not included with default Audacity and you have to go get it and install it.


RMS sounds good, but it comes with two problems that I can’t get around:

I have Audacity 2.0.3

I tried installing 2.1.3, but Mac OS says it’s not compatible and won’t run.

2.3.2 has the problem I can’t get around, it locks up. Seems to have a limit of around 95-97 files.

Seems to have a limit of around 95-97 files.

Did you try a different machine? It’s possible that’s a hardware memory limit and nothing we do is going to solve that.

two problems that I can’t get around…near 4,000 files to process

It looks like that’s correct. This isn’t simple audio production any more. You’re dancing around the limits of what Audacity can do.


I only have one machine. I am running with 8gb.

If it is a memory issue, then it is something with 2.3.2, I can normalize everything through 2.0.3, but ClickRemoval doesn’t seem to work with 2.0.3. If I include it in the chain, even if it’s the only thing in the chain (short of the Export to FLAC) there are no output files, even the folder is not created. It just runs like it’s working, finishes, but no output.

In my tests, Click Removal does work in a Macro, but with an important limitation. If the effect does not detect any clicks in the file, the effect returns a message window, and the batch processing will stop until the message is dismissed. Because of this limitation, the “Click Removal” effect is not suitable for batch processing.

Yes, I found that as well with 2.3.2, when you dismiss the message processing stops. If it would resume then it might be livable.