Click/pop removal - ClickRepair software

I am a new user interested in Click/pop removal. I am currently using Audacity 2.0.3 under MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1. I am importing audio from LP records (currently 45 RPM) from a Pyle Vintage turntable Model PUNT7U via a USB cable into my Dell desktop Model XPS8500.

After input, I select Edit/All; then choose Effect/Normalize using the settings: (X) Remove any DC offset (center on 0.0 vertically), (X) Normalize maximum amplitude to -1.0 dB and OK. I then select a fairly “silent” section and choose Effect/Noise Removal/Get Noise Profile and OK. Now I select Edit/All; then, choose Effect/Noise Removal with Noise (.) Remove selected and OK. I then select the portion I best determine to be the track and choose File/Export Selection to Save the track recording.

Here I choose File Name and Save as type: WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM. At the final Save, I am able to input metadata for the recording.

At this point, the recorded audio is in pretty good shape, but there are still clicks and pops. I have tried the Effect/Click Removal (from the previous post) without any discernible correction.

I have attached a short sample of one of my recordings. I would appreciate any suggestion for more corrections I might make.

Further, with regard to metadata. It appears that the only data retained during the above process is Artist Name and Track Title. Is there a way to save more of the valuable metadata? Thank you for any assistance/guidance.


You did not attach a sample, please see here for how to attach files .

Click Removal is a fairly limited feature, but to give it a chance you want to include some audio either side of the click. See here for tips on using Click Removal and other methods of reducing clicks: .

WAV metadata is not completely supported in Audacity and even less so in other media players. Please see this Frequently Asked Question . You could try exporting to AIFF (usable in Windows Media Player on Windows 7 and in iTunes) to get full metadata.

Or you could try FLAC, which will give you a lossless file, full metadata and save about 50% in file size, but you would need to add FLAC support to Windows Media Player (if you use that). iTunes on Windows does not support FLAC properly even with hacks, as far as I know.

Since I just tested it on Windows 7, you need the Direct Show Filters to add DirectShow read and write support for Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Theora, FLAC and WebM (so WMP can then play these).

You need WMP Tag Plus to add tag support to WMP for FLAC, OGG and WavPack.


I split this off from the Click Removal thread as you are discussing more than click removal - and I wish to keep that thread focussed.

Ideally you should probably remove clicks before doing Normalization to -1dB otherwise the loudest noise is likely to be the spikes of the clicks and pops.

You are likely to be better off doing

  1. use Normalize effect with no amplification just to remove any DC offset
  2. remove clicks and pops
  3. other noise removal and clean-up
  4. use Normalize or Amplify to lift the level to your required -1dB

See this suggested workflow from the manual:

Personally I find Audacity insufficient to deal with the clicks and pops on my LPs. I prefer to use Brian Davies’ excellent ClickRepair as reference in the original thread you posted in:
It costs a little but for me it has done (and still does now I’m processing my wife’s LPs) and it has saved me huge amounts of time (I used to repair the clicks manually with the Audacity Draw Tool and latterly the Repair effect - but that was tedious and extremely time consuming).

I use Audacity for all my other processing.