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I’m a mom of 2 young boys who do voice overs. We have a Neumann TL102, a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd gen, and an Windows HP laptop. We use audacity to record. When I monitor the recording I hear everything perfect. Then, when I listen to the recording there are click sounds. It is not the playback since the sounds are also there in the mp3 files exported.
I tried changing the buffer from 100 to 150, closing all applications, keep the laptop plugged, but nothing seems to be working. Could anybody please help me? I can past screenshots of our settings and upload sample files with the clicks if that would be useful.

Thank you very much!

If the problem persists with Audacity’s free competitor
ocenaudio, then Audacity is not to blame.

OCENaudio can use ASIO via ASIO4ALL, standard Audacity cannot


Hi Trebor,
Do you think it is worth it to download that application and try, just to isolate the issue?

Thanks so much!

OCENaudio is free, safe, fast, lightweight,
can communicate with industry-standard ASIO audio drivers.
It’s not as powerful an audio as Audacity,
but for voice-overs it may suffice if it solves the clicking problem.
If it does not solve the clicking problem then Audacity settings are not to blame.

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When you plug your wired headphones into the Scarlett?

After you did that, did you Cold Shutdown Windows? Shift+Shutdown > OK > Wait > Start.

Some applications can leave settings and drivers running after they shut down.

Does the laptop have more than one USB connection? Try both.

Can you try a different USB cable? That’s been known to cause problems. Some microphone interfaces come out of the box-new with a non-standard (too long) USB cable.


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