Click/Backing Track

Hey everyone,
Looking to create clean click and backing tracks with no bleed-over: a file where click is Left and backing is Right; sent from an iPad, split signal (L/R) to two channels. Here’s what I’ve done: imported file for backing, made it mono, hard pan Right. Generated new click track, mono, hard pan Left. Sent split signal from PC (drummer has the iPad) into board (separate channels). When both channels are muted on the board, I can hear the click, when I crank the gain, in my right headphone. Same when I replicate for the backing track. Interestingly, nothing in my left headphone for either (when muted but gain cranked). I understand it might be a small issue and might not be audible in live setting, but I need a clean click to control so that the click can go through IEM’s yet not be heard FOH. Thoughts?


That will work. An alternative way would be to create two mono tracks then “join” them into one stereo track. The upper channel of a stereo track is “Left”. (see: Splitting and Joining Stereo Tracks - Audacity Manual)

Check your signal paths. Ensure that you have no reverb applied at the desk. Ensure that you’re not sending the channels anywhere other than the main mix (AUX send?).