Click and pop removal program

The latest version of Audacity has a click and pop removal function/program that is different from the previous version and it seems to be quite similar in the sense that it will remove the offending clicks etc. if set “sensitive” enough but at that point starts degrading the music content of the file. I’ve tried to set it as best I can but with similar results each time. A few years ago, I had purchased a “USB Phono Plus” A to D converter that came with recording software from a company called “Bias”. After learning how to do the click and pop removal adjustment properly, I was able to set it so that every click or pop and any other anomaly were removed without degrading the music. Unfortunately, that company went out of business and I was informed that the best program I could use to record and clean up vinyl records was Audacity. I do wish that the program that Bias used was incorporated into Audacity, it surely would be a major improvement! At this juncture, I’ve been manually removing clicks and pops which takes a really long time and some of the clicks I cannot find to remove----not good enough for critical listening. I anyone could help with this I would be ever so grateful!

When I transcribed my vinyl I started out with Manual click removal a click at a time - tedious and very time-consuming.

Then a se er from Koz took me to Brian Davies’ excellent ClickRepair - it costs a little but is saves a huge amount of time,is relatively easy to use and is capable of producing excellent results (even on the 45s that had had a very hard life on my old Nal Ami jukebox). I use Audacity for all the other required editing and production process.

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