Clic Track

Good morning everyone.
I just downloaded version 3.1.3 and I no longer see the “click track” function in the “generate” part.
this possibility seems to have disappeared;
Will anyone know why?
In the meantime, I’ll go back to an old version.
Thank you for your answers
(sorry for my english school)

The old “Click Track” generator was updated and extended many times during it’s long life.
With the latest update, the name was changed to “Rhythm Track”. Full details are in the manual here:

Main enhancements in the latest version:

  • Better accuracy on long tracks (the effect is now sample accurate for any length).
  • More “beat sounds” to choose from, including a realistic “metronome click”.
  • Option for “swing amount” for generating a rhythm with swing.

Je vous remercie pour votre réponse.
Mais, à partir de la fonctionnalité “Générer”
il n’y pas de fonction “Rythm track” qui apparait

Thank you for your answer.
But, from the “Generate” feature
there is no “Rhythm track” function that appears

Okay, I figured out why.
I have the solution.
I loaded it again, but in 64 bts.

thank you for your help.

What does that mean:
“Nyquist returned the value 0.491803”??

That’ll be an error.
Try this:

  1. Open “Rhythm Track”
  2. “Manage button → Factory Presets → Default”
  3. “OK” button.

What happens?

If you still get an error, try clicking the “Debug” button instead of the “OK” button. That should open the debug window after the effect runs. Copy the information from the debug window and paste it into your reply.

Everything seems to be working fine now.
Thank you very much, Steve, for your invaluable assistance.