Clear Warm vocal effect

Hi, I am about to record a female voice on a ballad. I understand that all voices differ in texture, but are there any standard effects to use to make the voice clearer or warmer and overall sound better/richer other than a touch of echo and reverb? Many thanks in advance. 2.3.3 with Windows 10 going through an Allen & Heath Zed 16 FX. Thx

Stay away from the loudness tones. Musical tones peaking around 3000Hz, generally written as the equal loudness contours.

Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 1.19.36.png
You may know it as “baby screaming on a jet.” I fuzzy remember there used to be an Equalizer (or Filter Curve as it’s known now) preset for Loudness, but now I don’t see it.

That and “Essing.” That’s the ice pick in the ear sounds from boosted SS and FF sounds. Audacity has a DeEsser you can install.

The only problem with avoiding those techniques is the competition from people who are using them and the fact that many people are trying to listen on the “wide range speaker system” in their phone. It’s a good way to make your performance vanish.

Good luck.


Some plugins offer “warmth”. “JB Smash Pro” is a free one …

In their case “warmth” amounts to precisely controllable vocal exciters.

Echo & reverb makes vocals less clear.

Many thanks Koz and Trebor! Stay safe!

Hi, I downloaded the JB Smash Pro file. I dragged it to the plugin folder in Audacity, where all the other effect files are but all other effects in there are .ny files. The JB file says WinRAR Zip Archive next to it. It doesnt show up in the list for me to ‘enable’ a ‘new’ plugin on the platform. What am I doing wrong? Seem like a really good tool and I’d love to try it out! Many thanks

Sorry guys, scrap that. I’ve done it!!

Not exclusively for vocals …

If you use too much exciter it will just sound like overdrive distortion.