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Hello All,
i am trying to convert some of my music from cassette tape, but for some reason the music when it is being recorded in Audacity it slows down and it is distorted, what causes that and how can i fix this problem.
Thank you very much for your help

How are you getting between the tape machine and the computer? In detail. Pretend we’re going to go out and buy what you have.

I am using db tech cassette player I have the cassette player hooked onto the computer via USB, I start the cassette player same time as pushing the record button on audacity. I hope this answers your question If you need any more detail let me know
thank you for your help

Does this mean you press play on the cassette machine or press the power button? The cassette machine needs to be on, connected and recognized by Windows before you even think of starting Audacity. Audacity only scans for tape players when it wakes up. If you start or connect a player after Audacity is already running, Audacity will not see it.

Newer Audacity has a tool called Transport > Rescan Audio Devices. You might try that and see if everything works.

You can get confirmation of the tape player health by making a short recording in Windows Sound Recorder (leave Audacity off).

– Windows Sound Recorder
– Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment

If the music sounds funny there, then the tape player may be at fault.