Clear the envelope curve in a selection/track

I use the envelope tool a lot. Sometimes, it’s really unhandy and time-wasting to clear many envelope control points one by one (especially annoying when it’s not possible to “grab” some point “locked” outside the sound clip, because of the bug we discussed with Steve here. So I thought it would be good to be added an option to clear the envelope curve (clear all envelope control points) in a selection or in a whole track.

I think this works gracefully:
Open Nyquist prompt

  • Type “()s” without quotes
  • Press OK

This used to work in old times. Can’t check it myself 'cos I’m blind.

Yes that still works, though the fact that it works is arguably a bug :wink:

A couple of points to note about that:

  1. It can be a bit slow for very long tracks because it will read, then rewrite the track (but if there are more than a few envelope points it will still be quicker than manually deleting them.
  2. If the track is 16 or 24 bit format, the process is not (by default) totally lossless - there will (by default) be a tiny amount of noise added. Not a problem with 32 bit (float) tracks.
  3. Any split lines in the track will become joined.
  4. “White space” (gaps) in the track will be converted to “silence”.

A similar method, but faster on my computer (ymmv), is to apply the Equalization effect, click the “Flatten” button, then click “OK”.
This method does not “join” split lines and white space remains as white space.

I agree that it would be better if there were a “proper” way to delete multiple envelope points (not relying on “bugs”). Preferably the ability to also copy, cut and paste envelope points.

Thank you peeps for the work-around methods! :smiley: