Cleaning Up Dialog with Crossbleed

I recorded a video of two talking heads. Each had his own supercardioid microphone. They were at least three feet apart, they were close to the microphones, and the microphones were at 90 degrees from each other. (I’m an audio guy.) Their audio should have been quite isolated, but they were not. One of the speaker’s audio contains crossbleed from the other speaker as if the first speaker were using an omnidirectional microphone. Each speaker was recorded on its own audio track. The audio on Track 2 is fine.

My question is whether there is a function or a plug in for Audacity that will allow the output of Track 1 to be attenuated or ducked when there is audio above a certain level in Track 2. That is, when the speaker on Track 2 speaks, the audio of Track 1 is ducked, which eliminates much of the bleedthrough. It’s easily done with an external analog compressor being feed through a sidechain, but I’m hoping that Audacity has the ability to do so.

If Audacity doesn’t have the ability, do you know of any software that does?

Did you try Auto Duck - Audacity Manual ?

I have never seen that before. Thank you! I hope it works!

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