Clean up audio to listen to background need help ASAP

I Have very important recordings that i need help with your in cleaning up if possible they are life threatening and need to be able to hear what is being said please help. can up load recording for those willing to help.

If you can’t understand what’s being said, there’s not much you can do. :frowning:

You can play-around with the Graphic Equalizer effect but your brain is often the best “filter”.

The Noise Reduction effect works best when you have a constant low-level noise in the background… When you don’t REALLY need it. If the noise is bad, “The cure can be worse than the disease.”

You may need help from a lawyer or the police. A lawyer might know an audio forensic expert who can bring-out what’s being said.

I’m not a lawyer but I’m pretty sure your recording won’t be admissible in court if you alter it, but it MIGHT be OK if it’s done by a court-certified expert. Or, it may not be admissible at all if it was “illegal” secret recording.

thank u for ur help u can hear most of it on different programs. but really i don’t have a clue never done this before would u be interested in trying for me

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