Clean Speech

OSX 10.6.8 - used the .dmg to install 2.0.

Hi - I’m not new to Audacity but Clean Speech is new to me. I have used it with success but now cannot disable this mode. Have read the Wiki but something does not add up.

The audacity.cfg file is not in ~Library/Application Support, nor is there an Audacity folder in there at all.

Would be nice actually to have the clean speech mode able to be disabled from the Interface Tab under preferences.

Until this is fixed, do I have to do another install and retitle it Audacity NOT CLEAN SPEECH?



If you have run and closed Audacity there will be a file “audacity.cfg” (assuming that Audacity is correctly installed).
It may be in a hidden folder and I don’t use Macs so I don’t know how you will find it - try looking on Google for how to find hidden files and folders on a Mac.

When you have found the file, ensure that Audacity is not running and open the audacity.cfg file in a plain text editor and delete the line “CleanSpeechMode=1”, then save the file.
When you restart Audacity it will restart in normal mode.

Thanks Steve. According to the Finder that file does not exist anywhere on my hard disk.

I will do another download and install, and see if it turns up.

Either way, I will post a reply in a couple of days.



Are you an administrator on your machine? Are you set to “Make changes on this Mac?”

From the desktop:
Go > Home > Library > Application Support > audacity > audacity.cfg

Let us know when you lose that pathway – if you do.


No need for Google. ~/Library/Application Support/audacity/ is only hidden on OS X 10.7 or later but the Manual does link to instructions on how to access hidden folders ( ) .

In the next 2.0.1 release, Audacity will ignore a setting from a previous Audacity version that enables CleanSpeech.


Oh yes. I remember the Systems people complaining about that. We’ve been putting off using OS-X Lion for as long as possible. They broke a number of things we use. My machines are Leopard or Snow Leopard.

It’s Go > Go To Folder and then you have to explicitly type in the pathway, right?


tks Kozlkowski and others;

1 the file is there under the Home>library tree - I was using the Library tree from root - didn’t see the significance of the ~ in the Wiki

2 File info does not indicate it as hidden but Finder search didn’t find it - same with my 10.6.8 / 1.3.9 installation on my laptop

3 Future development - it would be nice to arrange for the Clean Speech button to toggle off again!

The Wiki could be clearer.

I will muddle through for now and avoid upgrading to OSX 10.7

Thanks to all


The plan is that in future versions Clean Speech mode will not exist.
The days of users accidentally selecting it and not knowing what they have done will finally be over.