Clean a very dirty file

Hi there,

I’m really new with audacity.

I have a lor of files with voices and outhes trash together.

Quat is the normal way to clean it??

the voices are not so loud, and the noises are very loud,

What do I do first to clean the audio?

Noise reduction?

I’m e=realy newbie with it, and need to process this lots of audios.

If some one could help me…

Here is a sample os some fragments I need to clean and leave the voice as clear as possible


Quat is the normal way to clean it??

If the noise is constantly changing like traffic or neighborhood noises, or if the noises are louder than the voices, then there is no Audacity cleaning.



Noise reduction can be very effective for constant, low level noise (such as tape hiss), but (other than very special artificial cases) there’s no way to extract a quiet voice from a sea of loud noise. The big tech companies (Google, Amazon, et al) are still working on that problem.