Chris's Dymanic Compressor

I downloaded Chris’s Dynamic compressor and followed you tube video on how to add it to my effects as a plug in. I try to enable it and click okay but it doesn’t work. It keeps going back and changing it back to disabled. I reinstalled Audacity thinking that was the problem but still keeps the “._compress.ny” file disabled. What am I doing wrong?

Please state which version of Windows you are using,
and the exact three-section version of Audacity from “Help menu > About Audacity”.

The file name should not begin with a dot. Where did you download the file from?

I am using Window 10 and the Audacity version is 2.2.1.
I don’t know where the file beginning with a dot came from but I cannot remove it. I tried dragging a new file without the dot but when I go to the plug ins it shows the dot.

I don’t know where the dot came from. I downloaded from the Audacity to podcast site

I’ve found the download on the “Audacity to podcast” site, and it appears that they have made a ZIP package on a Mac.
When opening the ZIP file, there should be a file called “compress.ny” (no dot at the start of the name), and a folder called “_MACOSX”. Ignore the folder, that’s just a Mac thing.

In the “_MACOSX” folder there is a file called “._compress.ny”. That’s the wrong one. You don’t need that. It can be deleted.

The file you need is the first one, “compress.ny” (no dot at the start).

And then when you do get it to run…

Do you know the story? Chris designed it so he could listen to opera in the car. It’s an exceptionally well designed compressor. Current at, I think 1.2.6??? I use it to compress a podcast version of a broadcast radio show. The radio version goes through the broadcast compressors, but the podcast version doesn’t and it is difficult to listen on my Personal Music Device because of volume swings.

I use Chris with the first value, Compress ratio at 0.77 instead of the default 0.5 and the result very closely matches KPCC Radio.

There is one problem. Chris is a look-ahead compressor and doesn’t take kindly to not having any “ahead” to look to. Make sure there is something sticking out longer than the target performance. Tag silence or noise or something on the end and then shear it off later. I just leave one uncompleted edit hanging out the back.

Unfortunately Chris reached end of life and will no longer be updating the software.

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