Choppy audio when recording

So I just got me a snowball for recording gameplay and such.

I have been recording a few videos and have some minor issue, the audio is choppy/wavering in some strange way. I am talking quite low and the mic is not directly infront of my face when I use it. Don´t have a popfilter but I dont think its because of that it sounds so odd.

Will add a short (2 sec) clip of how it sounds, hope someone can help me figure it out.

You have lots of dropouts so at the very least the computer cannot keep up:


Ok, so that´s what the issue is… Have redused some strain from the recording now and will check if it helps :sunglasses:

Thx for the input.


Nope, did not help… Dang it. What kind of a monster comp is needed to record game + audio?

Am running a i7 2600k OC @ 4,3GHz, 16GB ram and a 970 gfx. Have changed the audio to mono and 16-bit and disabled antivirus program but still there is skipping…

Help wanted…


Maybe it’s not the absolute power of the machine. There are two software packages trying to stand on the sound services at the same time. Audacity doesn’t “play well with others,” the same reason it doesn’t do well recording Skype.

You need a software package that “knows” about the game like FRAPS. Or record your voice on a separate device or recorder.