Checkmark icons not visible in 'Preferences' window

I am having an issue where the checkmark icons are not visible in the Preferences window. Buttons in this window and other pop-up dialogs also do not appear to have any outlines or highlight-on-hover. Is this a bug? Toggling Ubuntu between light and dark mode makes no difference, nor does changing system icon theme.

I am using the Audacity 3.1.3 AppImage, on Ubuntu 22.04.

Screenshots attached below.

Have you tried changing your desktop theme? I am running the flatpak and see the check boxes.

You’re also missing button outlines (some styles may suppress them), group box outlines, and dropdown arrows next to eg Location of Manual.

They show up fine for me with the appimage under KDE, Kubuntu 20.04.

As bertradio says it would be worth knowing if they appear OK with a different desktop theme.

I was able to resolve the issue by going into Gnome Tweaks, and changing the Legacy Application theme from Yaru to HighContrast. I then changed it back to my preferred theme once I was done making changes in Audacity.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

I did the same, thank you for the tip! But again, this is only a temporary solution - in the end we get the same “faceless” Audacity with checkmarks and scroll bars invisible when we revert back to our favourite or default system theme. Doesn’t this mean something’s wrong with Audacity’s compatibility with Gnome, not the system per se?

Apart from some audio issues with pipewire that I’ve explained earlier, I got the same visibility problem (I can’t see scrollbars either), and I wish the Audacity team could tackle them, when possible.