Checking for avaiable disk space before failing to apply an effect

When working with a limited disk space applying effects can fail with the “Audacity failed to write to a file. Perhaps is not writable or the disk is full” message. Why doesn’t audacity check for available disk space before applying effects (or other operations that take additional disk space)? Sometimes the effects can take multiple minutes to apply in a big project and it’s quite annoying when it fails incomplete after waiting for a long time. I then have to go to edit > history and free up some space by discarding a couple of undo levels and then proceed to apply the effect again.

Anyway, can I limit undo depth to a particular number of steps or disk space size?

Sometimes undo information can add a lot of space to your project. When I am working on very large projects and perform even simple operations such as amplify that affect the entire track(s) I sometimes close the project then reopen it - in that manner Audacity will return the unneeded space to the operating system.

Note also, that if an rc error code of 11 accompanies your “failed to write message” it could be due to a corrupt project database: Corrupt or Otherwise Broken Audacity Project Recovery

No need to reopen it, just discard the old undo steps in edit > history. It would be nice if this could be done automatically based on a setting

No sense in repeating what I just said.

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