Changing volume 30 times per second

Hi everyone,

As I’m new to Audacity as well as to this forum, I have a question about amplifying a certain tone. So what I basically need is an effect/function that can change the volume of a certain tone about 30 times per second. So let’s say my current tone is 80 Decibels, then I would like to change to volume between 80 and 81 Decibels about 30 times per second. A bonus would be, if this could be done in a ‘sweep’ way (so that the volume would gradually change from 80 to 81 and 81 to 80 and not just jump to it)
Does anyone have any experience doing this?

Thanks for the help!


The effect that you are describing is called “amplitude modulation” or “tremolo” (two names for the same effect).

“dB” is a ratio rather than an absolute measure. “80 dB” is meaningless without defining a reference level.
For audio signals, the usual reference level is “full scale” (in Audacity, that’s the full height of an audio track). The reference level is the “0 dB” level, which means that all valid signals are less than 0 dB (signal levels are quoted as negative dB levels).

A difference of 1 dB is pretty subtle. It is equivalent to about 12%.

Audacity has a Tremolo effect: