Changing voice for thoughts/flashbacks

Hey everyone!
I would like to know which effects in Audacity i need to use if i want my voice to sound like in a Flashback or when someone’s thinking.
I can’t really explain it that well but you probably all know how they change it in movies so it sounds a bit dreamy and you will instantly know someone’s thinking.
I tried ‘Wahwah’ and it was …well kind of what i was looking for. SOmething like wahwah without the spacy noises and the left-right switching.

It’s really hard to explain but i hope someone knows what i mean.
Thanks in advance.

Have a play with reverb.
Sometimes the effect is the reverse, where the “flashback” voice is close up with no effects, but all of the background sounds go swooshy.

There must be hundreds of different effects for this. The generic task is to make the flashback voice different. That’s it. It’s not like a far away voice which has some pretty specific characteristics. You can’t actually mic a flash-back, so there are no standards. A common one is run the equalizer and drop the bass parts – a cousin to the telephone effect.

I’m determined to mention that this is sometimes not a sound effect. I’ve seen it done with a closeup of the actor’s face and his lips aren’t moving. No effects at all. Done right that can be very eerie as you can’t tell for a second what’s happening.

It can also be falling down funny when the actor is clearly having an argument with himself.