Changing the waveform size

New to audacity and have been looking at some videos on YouTube.
I have noticed their waveforms are quite big and easy to see, where as mine, is basically a straight line.
I tried some of the zoom options in the top tool box area, and to the side of the waveform box.
But so far no luck.
Could not really find what i needed in the manual either, may have just not looked in the right place.
so, any thoughts would be helpful.


Try the Amplify effect. Audacity has pre-scanned your file and it will amplify by whatever amount is needed for maximized-normalized 0dB peaks.

The amount of amplification is normally limited by the highest peak, so if there is one-big “loud” peak, you might not see a full-volume waveform.

…Low digital levels aren’t usually a problem unless they are WAY too low, but it can be an indication of an problem when recording.

To give you a visual representation of what DVDdoug is saying;
Your files probably look like this; probably indicating they were recorded at low volume;

Using Volume or Normalize effect on it at default values would return something like this;

Sometimes you will get files with a peak preventing full volume amplification as such;

Simply zoom in, select it and give volume a negative value to knock it down some and then re-amplify at default values to get full volume;

It’s possible to vertically zoom-in:
making the waveform bigger on the screen without making it louder, (i.e. without amplifying) …

vertical zoom

Yes, but if you read the OP’s initial post that was of no help in his context…

Hi DVDdoug.

Yeah, I gave that a crack, it tended to change the tone of my audio, I tried Speedy-Charly idea and that worked well.

Thanks mate.

Hi Speedy-Charly.

Yeah, the vertical zoom worked well for me, thanks mate, I just had to find the advanced settings to turn on, to allow it to happen, and it was all good.

LOL sorry Trebor, I dont use these sort of things very often, got the wrong person for the post, so thanks for that, but thanks to Speedy-Charly as well, for the extra info on DVDdougs suggestion.

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