Changing the length of a karaoke song


I’m very tech dumb!! I need to shorten a couple of karaoke songs for a major contest I’m in. Basically, one of the songs has a long musical bridge in the middle that I need to take out. How do I do that?

OK, so you know what you want to cut out. As the song is playing mark (Ctrl+M) the beginning of the bridge. Them mark again the end of the bridge in the same way.
Stop playing. Now swipe the cursor along the audio to select all of the audio between the two marks (the cursor will turn yellow when it matches exactly with your marks). Press Delete to delete the audio.

Generally, you will notice some glitches or a click at the point of the cut. Pressing “Z” prior to deleting the cut may help a bit.

Note that Audacity is an audio editor only so if you need the video to match up, you will need to use a different program.

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