Changing speed problem

Hello there

Ive been having some trouble recording this song I have composed, because a speed change is necessary. When I change the speed I know no other way then to have every single audio track start at the beginning, because the newly compressed tracks will no longer be aligned properly.

This is very time consuming and it also puts a lot of pressure on me to play the track correctly.

Im kind of perplexed about it really, since I can change the playback speed easily enough and get the desired result; but I cant make a new recording from it as far as I can tell, I can only use it as a sampling measure.


Could you explain what you mean.
Do you mean that you need to apply the Change Tempo effect, or do you mean that you play faster or slower in one part of the music, or do you mean something else?
We can’t see over your shoulder so you need to describe clearly what you are doing.

Sorry about the explanation, this is complicated for me.

Ive attached 3 pictures and tried the best I could to explain whats happening

In any case, thanks very much

Edit: I don’t know why the pictures are displayed like that, but there are 3 screenshots there

If you wish to change the pitch without changing the tempo, use either the “Change Pitch” effect or the “Sliding Time Stretch / Pitch Shift” effect.
Links to the manual for each:

Tracks can be realigned using the “time shift” tool


You may have to zoom-in on the [horizontal] time-scale to get the alignment perfect.