changing sampling rate and bit rate in a chain

Hello everyone!

I am trying to do some pre-processing stuff of my project using Audacity. For that I need to convert all the audio files into wav and stereo into mono. Since I have to process lot of files, my intention is to batch process them in a chain. I have no problem with converting mp3 into wav and stereo into mono. But I cannot see options in edit chain window to change the bit rate and the sampling rate of the audio files.

My question is, can I get my requirement done using a chain processing and How? I cannot see the option for that.

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Chains export commands do not have an option to set the bit rate or sample rate of exported files, or to change the type of WAV file exported. Would you like us to add your vote for these long-standing feature requests?

WAV file bit rate depends implicitly on the number of channels, bit depth and sample rate. What type of WAV do you want to convert to - is it U-Law or A-Law (8-bit) or ADPCM (4-bit)? For WAV export in Chains there is nothing you can do to change the bit depth - the ExportWAV command always exports 16-bit PCM WAV.

There is nothing you can do to force the sample rate of the exported file in the Chain. The sample rate will change according to the rate of each imported file.

So you would have to use some other tool. If I was doing this I would use dBpoweramp. It is free if you don’t encode MP3’s.