changing sample rate

I’m new to Audacity and am using it to create a set of sounds for a small, battery powered device with an ok piezo transducer and limited memory. We’ve written code to play wav files but are limited by processor and memory to 11 kHz.
I’m trying to find the best way to ‘down-sample’ files from 44.1 down to 11. Not surprisingly, when I select the lower sample rate, the clip stretches out, reducing the pitch. When I speed up playback, the results are disappointingly distorted. I understand and expect loss of quality, but am looking for tips and tricks to achieve better results. Nothing I have tried so far is very satisfying.

obtw, we’re stuck with wav - just don’t have an mp3 capability.

Thanks in advance!


Change the sample rate with the little window at the extreme lower left.

If you are really short on memory you can lower the bit-depth too, but it will affect sound quality.