Changing pitch. What number do I pick next to the key?

Im using Windows 10. Audacity 2.2.2

I am trying to change the pitch of a track. I know what key the track is in and I know where it needs to be. My question is about the numbers next to the keys. They affect the frequency but Im not sure which number they should be. How much will it affect the pitch change if instead of 1 for example I say 2? Thanks

The numbers represent the specific note. For example A4 is 440Hz and A5 is 880Hz.

Presumably, you are not shifting by more than one octave so just make sure the numbers match and it will be transposed correctly.

CORRECTION - That may not be true… One note up-or-down could be in another octave.

If you know the key the original track is in, that’s great.
The easiest way to change the pitch is to look at the starting pitch (for example D)
If you want to change the pitch to say F that would be an increase of 3 semi-tones (D#, E, F)
In the Semi-tones window of the Change-Pitch drop down, you would enter the number 3.
If you wanted to change the pitch from D to C, that would a decrease of 2 semitones. In this case you would enter -2
I assume you know to “select all” (Ctrl A) to apply the changes to the entire track.
The latest “High Quality Pitch Change” option works very well so be sure to click the check box for this.