changing pitch is making my voice tinny (metallic)

Hi Im looking for advice how to change pitch by a small amount without my voice turning …its hard to describe it but it sounds metallic

Thanks for any ideas


Which Audacity have you got? I think that was one of tools improved in newer Audacity versions. The current version is 2.3.2.

It’s possible to have two or more problems. Are you working in MP3? Best not. MP3 comes with similar-sounding distortion even before you do anything to it. Do everything in WAV or Audacity Projects—or both.

Voices can be a little odd to pitch change because not all parts of a voice change. For example, if you listen to a large man and a kid whisper to you, you might not be able to tell who’s who. But the instant they start talking, the jig is up. Change Pitch changes everything and that can sound weird. I’m trying to remember the rule, but I think more than one or two piano notes up or down isn’t going to sound very good.

This kills all the men/women trying to change into each other.


Ah thanks I was in mp3s
Ill try WAV

Is still tinny even using WAV file on 2.3.2 version

How many piano notes are you trying to shift? It usually says that or something like it when you have the control panel open.

I was in mp3s

Was the original sound file an MP3? MP3 distortion is like a chronic sickness. It never goes away even though it seems like it should.

MP3 has a quality value (usually bitrate like kilobits per second) and you’re stuck with that. Even if you convert the file to Perfect Quality WAV, what you actually have is a perfect quality song with MP3 distortion perfectly built-in. The best you can do is prevent the distortion from getting worse.

So what’s the pitch conversion? It’s not unusual for Change Pitch to not go as far as the performer wants. You might try two passes, each pass half the conversion rather than trying to go all at once.


It was originally a WMA file that I converted to WAV.
I also had WAV voice recordings so they were wav from the beginning
Then when applying change tempo or pitch (pitch was less than 1 note change usually 1/4 of a note and tempo was just for the singing to be a bit slower.

These make the sound tinny & Im looking for advice how to reduce or prevent that