Changing pitch and speed

I have multiple recordings in WAV format. I would like to change pitch and speed. I know I can import individual files into Audacity, change speed and pitch, and export.If there is any guideline changing multiple files once, please advice me. Thanks.

Audacity has the ability to create a Macro which is a method to automate repetitive tasks.

Audacity has three Change tools. Are you in effect making the third one by using the first two? Do you really want Change Tempo?


Fair warning Change Speed is the only one of the three that has minimal distortion when it’s working. That one just effectively speeds up or slows down the data transmission. That’s the one to use when you need to synchronize multi-point collaborations.

The other two have to rip the sound apart, change only some characteristics and then jam everything back together. They’re much more likely to create sound distortions.