changing name of file after recording

I use Audacity to record our church services at the sound booth. On the last recording I closed and saved. I then realized that I had put in 2007 instead of 2008 date in file name. I opened the recording, edited the content, saved and closed. I then right-clicked on recording Icon and selected “name change” then enter. Now I cannot open the recording but get an error message. I now know that changing the file name was a mistake before I exported to a WAV. file. My question: Is there someway I can retreve the recording?

It depends on what you changed. If you just renamed the AUP file, can’t you just rename it back? You do have to put it back accurately, tho.

If you open up an AUP file in NotePad/TextEdit, you will find it’s a vaguely English list of instructions. It’s certainly not a sound file. If you start seeing entries like this:


That’s literally a cut and paste from one of my AUP files. That’s the location of one of the files in my edit. That “trance” music file has to be right there when I open up the project, or there is no project.

Here’s another entry from inside my AUP project file:

<audacityproject projname=“trance2_data” version=“1.1.0” audacityversion=“1.2.5”

That line tells me the original filename/project name of my show.

You can find a lot by rooting around in there.


Thanks for your help.