Changing keys of a song tutorial

Is there a tutorial for “Change Pitch”. See attached. I’ve used this for a while but have just accepted whatever the results were. I’d like to understand it better. Thanks
Screenshot 2023-02-23 180555.jpg

It’s the octave. There are several “F” notes on a piano so if you go from F1 to F2 that’s the same note one octave higher. And it’s the difference that’s important. F1 to F2 is the same as A3 to A4.

Just asking for clarification. Example: what I need to do is lower an the key octave or so, so the karaoke song fits my baritone voice. So, to lower the key one full octave I’d need to key in half-steps of -2? see attached.
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All of these parameters are linked and you only have to change one of them. If you change the notes or the octave number, the semitones, frequency, and percentage will all automatically change correspondingly.

A semitone is one note and there are 12 notes in an octave. So, -12 semitones is one octave lower.

Or you can enter -50% or any frequencies that are a factor of 1/2.

It’s fairly “common knowledge” that 440Hz is an “A” (and it’s a whole number) so you could enter from 440 to 220. Or, from 100 to 50, or 1000 to 500 would give the same result.

Personally, I’m not a musician and -50% seems like the “easiest” way to go down by one octave. …A LOT of confusing terminology if you 're not a musician.

One octave is a “big change” and you’ll probably get artifacts side effects (imperfect quality).

You know… If you sing one octave down you are still “in tune” and “harmonious” with the existing track. :wink:

I guess I have been doing it correctly all along. A little crossed up on “slight” lowering of key & lowering an “octave”! :wink: Thanks!