Changing frequency to create subliminals

I am trying to record subliminal affirmations. There’s a guy on YouTube selling a .ny file that is supposed to change the frequency and turn the speech inaudible to the naked ear, and only audible to the subconscious mind. I am hoping that I do not need to pay for that (I kinda don’t trust everyone on the internet, lol). Is there a way to do it in the software? If so, could you show me a step by step guide please? I see the software has an Nyquist plug in installer, but I did not see subliminals listed in the list. If it’s there, how do I get it over to the software?

There’s more than one way to make a subliminal.

A .ny file (Nyquist plug-in) is simply a text file containing Nyquist code. Most of them are free but there’s nothing stopping someone from selling one. (You can sell a book and it’s just text, and it’s usually copyrighted.)

You can search the forum for “subliminal”. It occasionally gets discussed. But most of us are skeptical “scientific & engineering” types…

So, the simplest way to make something subliminal is to turn-down the volume to the point where you can’t hear it. :wink: You can do that with the volume knob, or you can digitally reduce the volume by entering a negative dB change in Audacity’s Amplify effect. But, of course someone can turn-up volume during playback and possibly hear it.

My “favorite method” is to mix a quiet sound with a louder sound (music or white or pink noise) to drown it out. I don’t believe subliminals “work” but I like this method because if you are “careful” you can later subtract-out the louder sound to expose the hidden message. And you can prove there is actually something there. [u]Here is a link[/u] for the drown-out method.

Note that lossy compression (MP3, etc.) works by throwing-away sounds that can’t be heard so it will probably thrown-away the subliminal information.