Changing frequency hertz

Hi. When I changed the pitch to 432hz it distorted the sound terribly. How do I change the frequency hertz so it sounds nice? Thank you.

There shouldn’t be much difference. To change normally (440Hz) pitched music to 432, Effect > Change Pitch > Frequency from: 440; to: 432. This will automatically change semitones to -.32 and Percent change to -1.818. I use high quality stretching, but if that is causing problems, try it without.

Do NOT use any of the frequencies “suggested” by Audacity - they are not relevant to what you are doing.

You can also try the change speed effect which changes the pitch & speed together. It’s “easier” and there are no side effects other than the slight tempo slow-down. (The same -1.8%)

How do I know what speed to change it to to make the exact hertz frequency I want? Is it just trial and error?

I must be doing something wrong as the sound is dreadful. Does it make a difference if I’ve imported from an mp3? or should I import a wav file?

432/440 = 0.992 so in the Change Speed effect you can enter a Speed Multiplier of 0.982 or you can enter a Percentage Change of -1.82% (or -1.818 is slightly more accurate).

The small speed & pitch change should be unnoticeable or barely noticeable (1) and the quality should be fine. It’s the same as slightly slowing-down an analog record or tape.

…When you change pitch & speed separately the processing is more complicated and you are more likely to get artifacts/side-effects.

MP3 is lossy compression so there is some quality loss every time you make an MP3. When you open an MP3, edit it, and re-export as MP3, that’s 2 generations of lossy compression and some “damage” does accumulate. But, if you use a good quality (high-bitrate) setting it’s not terrible, and again, probably unnoticeable.

You can avoid the 2nd generation of lossy compression by exporting as WAV or FLAC.

(1) Also, nothing “magical” is going to happen. All natural sounds contain more than one frequency and most music has hundreds or thousands of simultaneous fundamental-frequencies, harmonics, and overtones. And although almost all modern music is tuned to A = 440 Hz, many songs don’t have any A-notes. (Most songs don’t use all of the notes.)

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