Changing File Extensions

Hi Folks,
I just started using this program and accomplished my first Audio Edit. My only issue was when I went to upload the MP3 to the site I am using. The Audacity Program changed my file extension from “.MP3” to “.aup”, so now I get an error when uploading my audio that says “Cannot not recognize the program because the file extension is incorrect”. My question is; does Audacity have a place within the program that I can convert the filename extension back to .MP3, or .Wav, or other extensions? Or will I have to try to file a file extension converter program? THANKS, Mike S.

Audacity does not save sound files. It saves Projects which are blueprints or construction notes about your show. The AUP and the associated _DATA folder are your show in a form only Audacity can open.

If you want a sound file, you have to File > Export one. Audacity really wants to export a perfect quality WAV file and if you’re on Windows, that’s the default. Audacity can be forced to export a lesser quality MP3 by adding the separate “lame” software.

Scroll down a bit.