Changing a track rate shrinks the wave size dramatically

For some reason, the audio shown in the attachment below shrank dramatically when I changed the rate from 11025 to 44100. The 11025 rate set itself. It had been 44100 before. Also, the project rate changed from 44100 to 11025 and I changed it back. So, it looks like I’ll have to use 11025 when I’m told that 44100 provides better listening. Please let me know what’s wrong.

NewbeM--Aud.Showing 11025,Shrunk Wave.PNG

We arrived in the middle of the movie. What was the show and where did you get it from? Audacity does not behave particularly well with “foreign” compression system or formats. Do you have FFMpeg installed? When was the last time you restarted your machine from power off? Which Audacity exactly do you have? Audacity > About Audacity or it might be under Help.


Short answer: You’ve changed the sample format instead of using the resample feature in the track menu.
The former tells audacity to play 44100 samples per second instead of 11025. thus, 4 s will be played in 1 s – the speed is increased and the audio goes up two octaves.
In contrast, resampling the audio adds 3 new sample values (interpolation) between the old ones and duration, pitch and tempo will be preserved.
The bad thing is that no information can be reconstructed that was initially removed by resampling from 44100 to 11025 Hz. This means that all frequencies above ~5000 Hz are gone and resampling to 44.1 kHz won’t restore them.
If you don’t alter the audio with effects that create higher frequencies, you can as well keep the 11 kHz sample rate for export. But ensure that your target player is able to play the file.

Dear responders (esp. the 2nd one)–Thank you so much for responding, but what you said is Greek to me. I am a newbie and have read about sampling but can’t use what you said. I’m just not facile in it yet.

Gale helped me w/a problem just before this happened. (called: music-with-audio podcast doesn’t record (or something like that–I can’t get off this page to check it). It was solved successfully and I was relieved greatly! During the course of this I sent her a screenshot. At the end, after the other issue was solved, she added that my music would sound better if the project rate were changed from 11025 to 44100 bc it sounds better–all the tones sound better for human listening. So this time, I did.

When she had looked at the screenshot, the project rate was 11025 (definitely) and the 3 files were all 44100 I think–that is, the 2 stereo music files and the 1 mono audio file. She suggested I change the project rate to 44100 also. So, I did. But when I did that, the top file–the audio file-- changed to 11025 the moment I changed the project rate. (But not the 2 stereo files–the music–strangely.)

So, if you can tell me how I can get them all in 44100, I’d appreciate it very much. Otherwise, should I leave them as is?

If I can’t, please give me a very short explanation in English. I’m just starting and brief usually is easier to understand when one is in my position.

If you find this too much, please ask Gale to explain?

So grateful for all this help, you guys. I don’t know what I’d do without help for such a program as Audacity.

Assuming the project rate is set to 44100 Hz, then the sample rate of the first track must still be 11025 Hz in order to play correctly.
The samples will automatically be resampled or interpolated during playback and export.
Hence, you have to set this sample rate manually to correct the size.
On the track in question, click on the track drop down menu. Choose the sub menu for “Set rate” and check 11025 Hz.
The project rate should still show 44100 and the track len should be 42 min again.

So what Robert is saying is that if the first mono track was originally 11025 Hz, use the Track Drop-Down menu to set it back to 11025 Hz.

Or if you are not sure what changes you made, try Edit > Undo to just undo the changes until you see the first track has changed to back to 11025 Hz.

From where you were originally:

Track 1 - 11025 Hz
Track 2 - 44100 Hz
Track 3 - 44100 Hz

all you needed to do was to click the downward-pointing arrow in the project rate and change it from 11025 Hz to 44100 Hz so that you did not lose the brightness in the 44100 Hz music tracks.

When Audacity exports the three tracks (sample rate as above) into one stereo file using 44100 Hz project rate, it will resample that track 1 to 44100 Hz without changing its length or speed.

Using Set Rate in the Track Drop-Down will always change the length and the speed.

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