Changing a male voice to sound like a female

Ok so basicly what I want is to make a male voice sound like a female(or anything as near a female as possible).

I tryed changing pitch and that works alright(it makes you sound like a kid, or a women with a wierd voice).
I was wondering is there any other effect that would help me in this way, I didn’t try them all yet, and the ones I did I kind of bunddled so I am not sure which one helped me in this. I know it is impossible to create a female duplicate of a voice, but I was just wondering if I could get a regular(not too deep) male voice to sound as good as it can as a female one.

The fuzzy rule is that you get three notes. You can pitch change a keyboard note about three notes up or down before it starts sounding weird. This is the basis of smaller keyboards with restricted memory.

Same with voices. That pitch corrector machine that lets everyone hit proper notes in a studio works a treat, but it won’t correct a song in C sung by someone in F, and the problem isn’t only the voice. When you take a breath between notes, that sound can’t go up or you’ll sound like the steam valve on a popcorn wagon on Olvera Street.

There is software that will do this, you just need to keep digging. I wouldn’t be shocked to find it cost bux.

This is where we lean on the fact that Audacity is volunteer software. You’re not the first question about this. If you find a solution, write back.


If it is your (male) voice that you want to sound like a female vocal, and it is for singing, then try singing much higher than you normally would, and with a breathy tone, then shift the pitch up with the Audacity effects by 2 semi-tones.

Be sure to use “Change Pitch” and not “Speed Up”.

Let me fill in a few missing words…



Is that conjecture, or do you know something that we don’t?

I’m projecting based on vast experience.


Not “My Voice” or “My Singer’s Voice,” but a disembodied “A Male Voice.”

Let’s see how I do.