Change Speed - Stretch audio to a specified length

Is there a way to stretch an audio file to a specific length? As an example I want to stretch a piece of audio from 4:51 to exactly 8:29 (make it slower). Currently the only way I can see to do this it to calculate the percentage change myself and then type that into the Change Speed dialogue

I’m using Audacity 1.3.13-beta on Ubuntu 11.10

Open the “Change Tempo” effect and enter the required duration but press the Cancel button rather than the OK button.
The % that “Change Tempo” says is the same as the % required for “Change Speed”.

Are there any othre ways to do it?

Is this a “feature request” for adding Initial and Final durations to the Change Speed effect? (so that you can just type in how long you want the audio to be).

I didn’t think about it, but now that considering it, yes I would like to request this feature.

I’ll go and add it to the wiki if it’s not already there

I’ll move this topic to the “Adding Feature” board.
It’ll be useful to have the rationale behind the feature request.
I’ve added “Change Speed” to the topic title for clarity.

This feature request has my vote. +1

I’ve just had a look and this feature has already been requested on the wiki, with a total of 9 votes (look for “Change Speed to have length of selection control”)

Regardless, I’ve attached this sketch to further illustrate what I’m after

Thanks for looking it up.
I think that I’ve already voted for that one so I’ve added one vote for you.

As there have been a few people recently asking about this, I have made a plug-in effect that can stretch audio to a specified length: