Change Speed and Pitch or Change Pitch

I am using windows Audacity 3.4.2
If I generate a sine tone 441 Hz for 2 secs I get track 2 secs long having 88200 samples with rate 44100.
If I use Effects Change Speed and Pitch and enter to change by factor of 2.00 I get the track length changing to 1 second long and having 44100 samples and plays at 882 Hz… OK… but I have to Effects Repeat to make the track up to original length. Logically I suppose this is logical because if double speed = half the length… but…
If I instead use Effects Change Pitch and enter change pitch by 100% I get the track shortened to 1.871 seconds and containing 82528 samples and plays at 882 Hz… This seems to follow a different logical set of rules.
So how do you cope with the length changing when wanting to loop several tracks together that have had pitch changes…they are all now different lengths

Change Tempo only changes the speed. Change Pitch only changes the pitch (not sure why the clip gets shorter for you). Change Speed and Pitch changes both speed and pitch. The Change Tempo and Change Pitch effects are lossy, they chop up your input signal to achieve their effect. Change Speed and Pitch merely scales the waveform, so with the exception of resampling losses, it’s lossless.

We’ve added functionality for non-destructive speed changes (hold Alt and drag the edge of the clip) and will be adding non-destructive pitch changes in Audacity 3.5 (select a clip, hold Alt and press up/down).

Yes Tempo only changes speed so don’t hear anf change for pure tone only with beat content.
You say for change pitch (not sure why the clip gets shorter for you)… When I enter the change factor of say 100 % it changes the pitch by 100% ie doubles it and the length is about 10% shorter…try it out.
Thanks for the Alt and drag Tip works on tempo only dont hear any change for tones needs beats in music.

Edit Note…
Yes, I have checked again and the track is shortened by about 10% after Effects Change Pitch and also the start of the track is faded in…???

I think Change Pitch may be OK for large wav music files etc, but for small Audacity Tone generated files it shortens them and fades in the start

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