Change sounds of raindrops to musical notes

Hi I have a sound of rain drops hitting a surface and wish to change them to musical notes or tones of some kind, maybe the same note, such as a xylophone or bell sounds. What chance do I have …?!

Probably not possible or practical… :frowning:

Two issues -

  1. You need a MIDI application and Audacity is not a MIDI application. (It has some VERY LIMITED MIDI capabilities.)

MIDI uses virtual instruments (software) so you can make a MIDI file that plays a piano and then change the virtual instrument to a trumpet, etc. Most of the background music you hear in TV and movies is now MIDI… There is no real band or orchestra… Just a guy with a computer and MIDI-capable keyboard (like a piano keyboard, not a computer keyboard).

  1. You need a way to convert the raindrop sounds to notes. Raindrops are not normally “tuned” and every drop is going to sound pretty-much the same.

You could build something like a xylophone where the note depends on where the water falls. And, it could be multiple electronic sensors that aren’t actually tuned themselves, but you’d have to know how to build something like that.

Have you ever seen any Animusic videos? I don’t remember if they do anything with water drops but it’s “similar” to what you want to do. It’s all animated (nothing real) and synchronized with MIDI.

Something like the imaginary-fantastical Animusic instruments could be built… People make laser harps where lasers represent the strings and breaking the laser beam triggers a note.

An envelope-follower will apply the envelope of one sound to another , e,g, …

This was possible in Audacity2 with Steve’s Dynamic-mirror plugin,
however that plugin does not work in Audcaity3.

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