Change sample rate- Convert 96 to 44.1 (ver 3.3.2)

I updated audacity to version 3.3.2 and i can no longer change a Wav file from 24/96 to 16/44.1
In previous versions of audacity on the bottom screen there was a combo where i could change the simple rate, now that option has disappeared.

1- How can I convert the sample rate from 96 to 44.1? (for example)
2-How can I convert 24 bit to 16 bit? (for example)
3- and save the wav format at 16/44.1 ?


The Project Rate Toolbar has been moved to Audio Setup > Audio Settings > Quality > Project Sample Rate.

Thanks for the info…
Thanks for the info…
Your information is correct and I managed to do the objective !!

On version 3.3.2
Top Menu / Edit / References / Audio Setting …


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