Change pitch without sounding like a chipmunk??


Wondering if you can help me.

I want to “transpose” some bits and bobs (single line of vocal audio) around (mainly up), but I don’t want it to sound like Alvin the Chipmunk (that is literally the best way I can think of describing it). Is there a work around to counter the side effects of transposing up large amounts such as a whole octave?

I have been thinking about changing speed and then changing tempo before changing pitch or something, I’m convinced some combination of these three might give a higher pitch but with the tone of a lower singer. I don’t want it to sound particularly good (otherwise I’d have a treble/soprano sing it), I just want it to sound approximately ok.

A solution probably doesn’t exist, but maybe it does, any tips/advice welcome.

That door you just walked through was the entrance to the group struggling to “sound ballsy like an announcer” and transpose woman/man/child and back.

It’s a popular place.

The best you can do with the “Change” tools is move one or two piano notes before the work starts sounding messy. The problem is the tool is stupid and changes everything. When Don LaFontaine the presenter and my little sister say “ssss,” they sound exactly the same. It’s only when they say actual words do you know one is an announcer and the other isn’t. The tools change everything and ssss changes into shshshsh (going down) and it’s perfectly obvious you “did something” to the voice. The dragging your finger on the phonograph record effect.

That’s how they got the original Alvin voice. Play the tape at the wrong speed.