Change pitch without "chipmunk effect"

Hi, is there a way one can change the pitch of a song or other recording without affecting the timbre of the vocals in it, resulting in something akin to a chipmunk or Barry White? One Yahoo Answers forum I found recommended raising the pitch and lowering the key, but I don’t know how that’s possible (I’m guessing in order to lower the pitch and keep the same vocal quality, you’d have to also raise the key). Is it even possible to do this? I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it done that way at least once.

I only know of expensive commercial products that can do this. The best known is “Antares Auto-Tune”. Auto-Tune requires a “certified compatible host program” (such as ProTools or Cubase). Further details are available on their website.

Answers forum I found recommended raising the pitch and lowering the key…

That doesn’t make sense, since key-change and pitch-change are the same thing (mathematically). If you look at Audacity’s Change Pitch effect, you’ll see the option of entering notes/key.

The difference is that a key change will always be whole notes and a pitch change can be a fraction of a note, and if you pitch-shift by a full octave, that’s not a key change.

I am not comparing with AutoTune, but RoVee is supposed to be able to shift the formants when changing pitch, which is what’s needed.

Or you can try Formant Filter to shift the formants after changing pitch in Audacity’s Change Pitch.


Audacity 2-1-2 in Windows Vista is not accepting that VST : plenty of “can’t load module” error messages.

It certainly works in Windows 10:
The plugin has presumably been made with a demo version of SynthEdit, given “SynthEdit” appears in the title bar. I don’t know if that is anything to do with it.