change pitch within half step

Audacity 3.1.3 Windows 10 64 bit

Is there a way to adjust pitch of a song somewhere in between half step? If so can someone tell me how to?

I have a song I want to practice on guitar. The pitch of the song is not exactly F#. It is slightly flat of F# but sharper than F so it is somewhere in between F and F#

My following steps don’t give me the sound I need:

  1. select the song

  2. Effect|Change Pitch|

  3. from F# (1) to F (-1)

  4. Semitones half step of -37 is automatically selected

  5. Frequency from 46.249 to 5.456 hz is automatically selected

  6. Percent changes -88.202 is automatically selected

So, simply ignore all the other fields and enter the adjustment under Semitones (half-steps).

Then click OK. It is easier than it looks. :wink:

You can also enter ANY percentage change in the frequency area without regard to the notes (which is what you want). One thing that sometimes causes confusion is that it’s a percentage change so if you want it 10% higher you enter 10%, not 110%. A +100% change is up one octave and a -50% change is down one octave.

from F# (1) to F (-1)

The number following the note is the octave, so you’re going down almost two octaves. It’s all relative (1) to (-1) is the same as (2) to (0). A guitar doesn’t go this low (46Hz or 5Hz). It’s all a relative percentage change so that’s not a problem but the lowest note on a standard-tuned guitar is E(2) and it’s about 80Hz. A bass guitar goes one octave lower to about 40Hz.

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