Change pitch, but keep the same voice timbre


I’m trying to change some music pitch, because the singer sings too high for my own voice.
But if I just change pitch, Audacity distort too much the original voice timbre and it sounds like another singer singing.

I tried tempo and speed too, but nothing applied.

So, how to change the pitch to other key, but keep the same timbre?


Audacity distort too much the original voice timbre


It’s a common problem. You can’t easily change sound between voices or change voices too much because the Change tools change everything and you can’t stop them. One example of this is have two very different people whisper to you. You can’t tell which is the man and which is the woman until they start speaking. The Change tools try to change the whisper tones, too.

On the forum, “Make Me Sound Like [a different person]” questions almost always fail.

In your case it’s “Make a real person’s voice lower.”


Thank you, Koz, for your attention to the problem.

I understand that it is not so easy to switch a key, like a “turn on/off” and have the same music and singer singing on a different tone.

Knowing that, how to compensate it to achieve lower or higher the voice of the singer?

If you want professional results (for a professional price) you can try Auto Tune or Melodyne. I think Melodyne has a better reputation for changing the key or changing individual notes whereas Auto Tune is more for pitch correction. (Or both can be "abused’ to get that special effect.)

Neither of these support Audacity but I believe they have stand-alone versions.

Purpose is just for domestic use, amateur.
Not intend to achieve the best results.

I’ve already had suspected that the solution would be more complicated…

Thank you, anyway.