Change my voice


I am doing some recording for e-learning. I need another one voice except mine.

Could i record my voice and then change it so it sound a bit differnet so i can use it like it belongs to somebody else?

What should i try?

Make my voice sound like… Is a Frequently Requested Feature. Most of the filters and effects sound like dourvas with a filter or effect. Not a different person.

You could try Effect > Vocoder. You know what that is from the Geico ad.

It’s not particularly easy to use, but that’s about the only one that replaces whole portions of your voice. Since you’re not an actor, it will eventually be obvious who you are by using the same words and phrases over and over. But it should hold up for a while. It is strongly recommended to get a second person or actor to do this.


This is why there are “voice over artists”.
If you don’t have a budget to use a professional voice over artist, my recommendation would be to ask friends and relatives.

There are free voice changer plugins, e.g. Kerovee, but they all sound computery.

The best way to do this is to use a speech to text application such as to convert your voice to text, then copy/paste that text into a text to speech application. Of course speech to text is not 100% accurate so you will need to proofread the text. There are text to speech applications that you can use in a web browser such as that even save an MP3 file for you.

Voices in some of these online applications sound artificial but some sound very natural. If the site you choose does not offer file saving you can record computer playback.

Of course if you already have text to read from, simply copy/paste it into one of those text to speech applications.