Change format

Hi! I had a problem with a format of some tracks that I bought in Bandcamp. CDJ 2000 NXS2 said E-8305: Unsupported File Format and It had been looking and it’s normal in bandcamp and it’s seems that the content has been configured for “enhanced multichannel audio.” Pioneerdj page said that the problem is the PCM encoding.

I found this information in pioneer page:
You can edit the track in a hex editor to fix it, but simpler to use another app to convert it to a different WAV bit/sample.
This is cool for applications that can use that data, and those that can’t, likely ignore it. rekordbox ignores it, but the CDJs don’t. To fix it, change bytes 20-21 (wFormatTag) to a value of 01 00 (a decimal value of 1; meaning PCM):
Or just re-encode it with another app, even if it’s to the same bit/sample rates.

Then I haven’t it so clear if only I have to change de PCM format or if I have to change some of bitrate / bit depth. And Audacity detect all the tracks like 32bit floating and I had a problems only with some tracks.