Change Bit Rate

Hello there, i need to change the Bit Rate of some audios that i’m working on, the problem is, every time i save it as a Wav file, the bit rate go to 705 when i need it to be 352 to work properly, as i need this file to be 16-BIT to sound normal.

Trying with the 8-BITS the bit rate go to where i need, but the sound became awful.

If this can help, i’m trying to make some sound mods in the L4D2, but this bit rate seems to be my problem.

The project rate, at least for what i’m trying to do, should be in 22050. One last thing, with the 16 bits the sound go slow and don’t end where it should, while with the 8 bits the sound kind sounds high and pitched, but end where it should.

To export a mono WAV file, mix the track down to mono before exporting (“Tracks menu > Mix > Mix Stereo down to Mono”)

should be in 22050…i need this file to be 16-BIT to sound normal.

22.05K x 16 = 352.8 kbps, so that looks right. (That’s for mono. Stereo is double that.)

You probably need to get all of the format-details correct, not just the bitrate… Regular WAV files (and almost all “regular” audio formats) have a file header that gives all of those details so the software knows what to do. If you have “raw” audio data then the software has to know the format in advance.

Yeah, the problem was the stereo sound, i was doing this for some good days and realize this the sound was in stereo today, when i changed to mono the bit rate got down for where i needed. Thanks for the help guys!