Change 432 hz To 440 hz

I love Quiet Riot, but since they’re mistuned a lot of the time, I’d like to know how to change their 432 hz to 440 hz. 432 hz is impossible to play with normal guitar tuning.

Windows 10 and Audacity 3.0.5.

You can use the [u]Change Speed Effect[/u] which changes speed & pitch together just like speeding-up an analog tape or vinyl record. This is a very “clean” effect if you can live with the slight increase in tempo.

The [u]Change Pitch Effect[/u] can change the pitch without changing speed/tempo but you can sometimes get artifacts (side effects).

but since they’re mistuned

It’s more of an “alternate tuning” so I assume it was intentional. There’s some mythology around different tuning standards, mostly among non-musicians.

How do you know they were tuned to 432 Hz? (I ask because I’ve just checked one of their tracks on YouTube and it is tuned to A446 :open_mouth: )

As far as I can tell, it’s just Come on feel the noize and Metal Health that are 432. Don’t know about their other music as those are the only two songs of theirs I listen to.

If you want to keep the tempo the same, use the “Change Pitch” effect (about 1.852% change, but you can enter “432” and “440” in the “Hz” boxes)

Try with both the “High quality” setting enabled and disabled and use whichever sounds best (two different pitch stretch algorithms - the “high quality” setting usually sounds better with small pitch changes, but not always).