Chains for batch processing to AC3 files

I’m using version 2.0.5 of Audacity, and I was wondering if it is possible to batch export to AC3 (with FFMPEG). Now I’m able to export to AC3 per file, but I have a bunch of files which I should process and export to AC3. I don’t see any ExportAC3 command in the edit chains dialog though. So does anyone know if it’s possible to do this? Is it possible to add a custom command for exporting to this list?

No, it’s a common feature request. I’ll add your vote for this.

It’s quite simple to hack the code to add FFmpeg commands in a crude fashion, which I’ve done myself in the past.

However it needs to be done properly so that the Chain commands for each export format can set quality options separately from those set in the File Export dialogue.