Chains disappeared??

Hi, on my Windows 10, version 2.3.0 the Edit and Apply Chain dialog is gone from the File menu. Or am I hallucinating? I have shut down Audacity and restarted, but neither choice is showing up.

From Google:

Batch Processing

We have added a collection of features to Audacity for 2.3.0 that are related. They come from a project to improve batch processing. They are described in more detail in following sections. The project led to improved:

Macros feature (replaces Chains), for repetitive tasks that can be done without using a scripting language.
Scripting using a scripting language such as Python running outside Audacity.
A new ‘tools menu’, and new Scriptables submenus with many new commands.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 2.23.31.png


Using the new Macro gave me an challenge:

Starting clicking Apply Macro, and selecting one of the designed editing fra the old Chains, Audacity claims that “Track sample rate too low for this effect”, but I haven’t yet at this point selected any tracks?

I also created a new Macro, but when applying that, the same message comes up.

What do I do wrong?

What does that mean?

What is in the macro?
Are you applying it to the project, or to files?
If you are applying to the project, what is in the project, and what is selected?

You are not providing enough information for anyone to be able to help you.

My guess is that you are telling Audacity to apply an audio effect to a label track.